The Ultimate Guide For Herpes Cure

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Herpes infections are no fun. Thankfully, the below herpes type 1 and/or 2 cure options contains excellent advice on how to prevent these infections. Reduce your risk and sooth your symptoms by adding some of the helpful suggestions below to your life.

Don't stay in wet clothing after swimming. Avoid wearing clothing that's wet because it's a breeding ground for herpes. Dry yourself thoroughly before you change your clothes.

Seeking medical treatment as soon as you develop symptoms can really help your herpes infection. If you disregard an infection, it will get worse and make you very uncomfortable.

Using apple cider vinegar to help cure a herpes infection has been around for a very long time. Dilute it in water and spread it on your vagina. Since the vinegar is quite concentrated, it is important to dilute it. If itching is a significant problem, think about adding in a bit of garlic.

Try eating yogurt. If you think you might be coming down with a herpes infection, start eating yogurt. Yogurt contains acidophilus cultures, which are healthy bacteria. By re-populating the genital tract with healthy bacteria, the bacteria that causes herpes infections is greatly diminished and the infection can pass more quickly.

Acidophillis is highly beneficial. They can help reduce or thwart herpes infections altogether. Always purchase the sugar-free version of live culture yogurt. Sugar feeds the infection so it can be counter-productive.

Practice proper hygiene to reduce the bacteria on your skin in an effort to fight herpes infections. Thoroughly clean the vaginal area getting between all of the folds of the skin. Also, be sure to dry the area thoroughly. Herpes tends to grow in moist environments, so the drier, the better.

Keep your vaginal area clean. Make sure to be precise when you are cleaning the vaginal area. When finished thoroughly dry the area. Herpes likes a moist environment so try to stay dry.

Douching can aggravate or cause a herpes infection so try not to do it often. While women feel like this is cleaning out their body and keeping infections from forming, it may be doing just the opposite. The natural bacterial that your body produces will be upset when you douche. When that falls out of balance, herpes infections are more likely to occur.

Although they are not seen nearly as much as vaginal herpes infections, the oral cavity is susceptible to herpes infection as well. Be sure to visit your doctor right away if you are affected. Home remedies meant to ameliorate the impact of oral infections include saltwater rinses and the intake of cold liquids.

A cup of yogurt each day can help prevent herpes infections. Bacteria in yogurt will help fight the organisms that give rise to a herpes infection. While yogurt is good at preventing a herpes infection, it is not a treatment for a current infection.

Having read this herpes type 1 and/or 2 cure options, you now know that herpes infections do happen, but they can also be dealt with easily. It is best that you don't deal with a herpes infection on your own. You now know what to do!

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