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No, I haven't been concerned with this [refers towards the stoma] (L3). It was when I found out that the stoma was definitive that I broke down. I remembered my grandmother, she was eighty years old when she got hers. It escaped, it was constantly dirty, so I experienced it as a drama (C3).Other individuals usually do not see it as something standard, they really feel unique. In these cases, they do not see the stoma as a part of them, tending towards thingification.See your belly with this [refers to the stoma] [...] It was one thing completely new to me, one thing I did not know. But what can I do if this happened (L1).Some of the concerns the informants express refer to their perception of how this bodily modify could influence their obtaining of a partner or for the difficulties to acquire accustomed to this alter that has taken spot in their physique.www.eerp.usp.br/rlaeRev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem 2016;24:eIf I did not have a partner, it would be much more difficult to obtain one particular. It really is not the identical to have an ileostomy or not, that is clear (C5). My life has changed, as soon as I take my clothes of I see the alter in me, but I increasingly feel far more normal, additional normalized in my new scenario (L2).Aging or being in a scenario of disability that prevents them from taking charge of their stoma are a few of the concerns the informants manifest once they are asked about their future.I only ask that I'll not fall short of my hands and sight. That's fundamental to become able to maintain on taking care of your stoma, with out based on anybody, to retain my autonomy (C8).What the hiding of the stoma is concerned, the reactions are once more variable. In the reports, it's observed how some informants do not see any difficulty in other folks recognizing about their scenario. They look at that it is actually not anything they've to hide, or something to be ashamed of. Moreover, a trend is observed to naturalize the issue together with the surrounding family.I don't have any dilemma, if I've to go to the beach I'll and if the belt is visible I never thoughts. I do not have something to hide, what am I going to hide (C1). My daughter, she has constantly noticed me considering that she was a bit girl. She used to sit with me in the bathroom and pass the plugs, she helped me to reduce them, So for her it's normal (A9).Forsomeostomizedpatientsduetoanoncological method, the uncertainty of not being aware of no matter whether the disease will reproduce itself or not can also be at stake.I still go in Te ratio m=(md), in logarithmic scale. All numerical {results|outcomes circles around the theme Cancer.look in the mirror and say: In truth, I'm attractive [laughs]. I contact it: bum, tummy [refers towards the stoma. Laughs] (A3).Meaning and expertise of a brand new bodily realityAfter the stoma is in location, a recurring question is "will I be capable of live as I applied to" The subjects perceive this new scenario they are confronted with discouraged and afraid.