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Incense sticks are produced up of aromatic plants (dried up leaves mixed with essential oils) which release fragrance when burned. It is mainly used in religious ceremonies/rituals, aromatic therapies and meditational purposes. They are also used for creating spiritual ambience and to eliminate bad odour. Historians recommend that incense may have originated in ancient Egypt, where in they were used whilst burying the mummies or on other religious gatherings.

Different countries have various ways to make incense sticks (it generally differs as per their culture). They can broadly be divided in between direct burning and indirect burning incense. Indirect-burning incense does not burn on its own and demands a separate heat source. On the other hand, direct-burning incense can be lit directly by a flame and then fanned down which later on releases fragrance.

Indian incense can be further be classified into two categories: masala and charcoal. Masala incense is made up of the mixture of several solid scented ingredients, turned into a paste and then rolled over a bamboo core stick, whereas, charcoal incense is produced by dipping an unscented blank stick into a mixture of perfumes or aromatic oils.

Sadly, most of the these sticks created in India don't meet the right quality parameters and are consumed domestically. The 1 which are exported, are of comparatively much better quality because of stringent high quality levels and intense competitiveness abroad.

Even although the incense sticks business gives a means of livelihood to lakhs of rural people, particularly the women that too in the tribal areas, this industry is however to make itself count as an important contributor to our GDP.

Recently, there were some reports that incense sticks can trigger cancer. Well being officials warned that lighting incense sticks, occasionally emits cancer causing toxins which is almost as deadly as cigarette smoke or visitors fumes. The veracity of this claim remains to be challenged, before it is acknowledged worldwide.

Overall, the incense sticks industry is anticipated to perform nicely in the times to come, capable of knocking down every challenge whatsoever comes in their way.

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