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then how does those good quality shoes come from, why they have such a good level of production.

Special note: shoes are not high-tech things, for the big manufacturing country, the production of high quality shoes do not have a problems, because they may be from the same production line.

"Shoe city" to have such a perfect production capacity and sales network to make high imitation copy shoes,not a day work.

In the early 80s of last century, due to easy access to Taiwan, "shoe city" attracted a large number of Taiwanese businessmen to create a shoe factory,OEM for many domestic and foreign brand shoes, Nike, Adi as the representative of the sports brand as one of the main force. Gradually, the footwear shoes industry has become the pillar industry of the city, so it is called "shoe city".

However, the local low raw materials and cheap labor costs gave birth to high copy shoes. Workers in the foundry get bribes, smuggling samples of shoes or design drawings out is not rare. To the mid-90s of last century, "shoe city" has become a high imitation replica shoes "lair".

High imitation replica shoes in the "shoe city" development process:

As a teenager in the Nike foundry workers, after 10 years of fought, and now Panda has a complete high imitation replica sports shoes manufacturing team. Although Panda has only less than 50 people, but as long as the customer orders, the fastest in 4 days can deliver the goods to the customers.

In the shoes enthusiasts view, Nike's core air cushion designer handbags wholesale technology is divided into air max, zoom and shox three stages. Air star and zoom as early as the 90s of last century has come out, and shox,despite it is the product of the new century, but because of the soles too solid hard become silence, and now basically abandoned.

"But Nike's technology is not advancing with the times, from the 90s of last century to the present, the core technology is still the original set of several." Panda told reporters that.After 2000, with high imitation copy manufacturer's perseverance study, "Shoe city "simulation degree continues to improve, gradually fame.

Although the foundry in recent years, security measures armed to the teeth, still to no avail. For high imitation copy business, in the case of the core technology has been grasped, stealing drawings this poor practice has long been outdated. Guard, surveillance cameras, double-walled facades and other security measures, but wrap the OEM factory into a veritable "Marino defense line."

Panda's team now do not rely on the original design drawings, and years of operation so that its team has the ability to determine the use of technology and materials just by the Nike shoes preheat advertisement, and in time to launch new products Before the NIke launched new shoes in the market.

In order to ensure the quality of high imitation copy shoes can be infinitely close to the genuine goods, Panda put the soles and vamps contracted to the two teams, a team responsible for the soles, a team responsible for the vamps. In this way, you can clear the responsibility, where is the problem can be the first time to find the relevant person in charge.

High replica shoes wholesale and price: